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F-16 Events from 2004

16 Feb 2004 A scrapped F-16 is put up for auction on Ebay, with a starting price of $1 million. (Read more...)
Feb 2004 IDFAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Marbel V order. (Read more...)
Mar 2004 Maj. Andrew T. Lyons was selected for his professional and personal commitment to improving the lethality of the 421st FS before and during its deployment to Balad AB for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004. His efforts led to the first-ever successful combat employment of the GBU-38 guided bomb during OIF, earning him the 2004 Semper Viper award. (Read more...)
29 Mar 2004 Belgian AF F-16s provide air defense in Lithuania, as part of NATO's commitment to defend its new (former WarPac) members. (Read more...)
9 Apr 2004 First launch of an AIM-9X Sidewinder by an F-16. (Read more...)
2004 RSAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Carvin IV order.
18 Nov 2004 Thailand receives 7 second-hand F-16s from Singapore. (Read more...)