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F-16 Events from 1983

27 Jan 1983 Maiden Flight of the first of 20 Dutch F-16A(R) aircraft equiped with the Orpheus Recce pod. (Read more...)
8 Feb 1983 Belgium orders an additional 44 F-16s.
9 Feb 1983 Luke AFB, Arizona, is activated as a major F-16 pilot training base.
2 Apr 1983 USAF aerial demonstration squadron, the Thunderbirds, fly first public show with F-16A's.
15 May 1983 Official end of comparative fly-off between F-16XL and F-15 in dual-role fighter program. The F-16XL is not destined for production, instead the F-15E is selected. (Read more...)
20 May 1983 US President Ronald Reagan's administration lifts nearly year-long embargo on sale of advanced F-16 fighter planes to Israel, imposed after Israel invaded Lebanon.
Jul 1983 First F-16 Air National Guard unit (169 FW), based at McEntire ANGB, South Carolina, is activated.
1983 Delivery is made of 1,000th F-16 manufactured to Hill AFB, Utah.
28 Jul 1983 First F-16 LANTIRN (Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night) system test flight, with targeting pod only. (Read more...)
30 Jul 1983 Completion of Phase I testing of Advanced Fighter Technology Integration (AFTI) F-16, focusing on development and integration of a new digital flight control system.
8 Sep 1983 Turkey orders 160 F-16s (Peace Onyx I) becoming the 11th customer.
29 Sep 1983 FAV accepts first F-16 from Peace Delta order. (Read more...)
22 Oct 1983 F-16 units place 1st, 2nd and 4th in USAF-wide Gunsmoke '83 bombing and strafing competition.
28 Oct 1983 Second LANTIRN-equipped F-16 made its first test flight, with both the navigating and targeting pods mounted.
9 Nov 1983 PAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Gate II order.
14 Dec 1983 The Dutch Parliament approves purchase of an additional 57 F-16s, bringing its total order to 213.
14 Dec 1983 Israel orders 75 F-16s (Peace Marbel II).