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F-16 Events from 1992

21 Feb 1992 Last of 213 RNLAF F-16s, #J-021, rolls off the Fokker production line. (Read more...)
4 Mar 1992 Turkey orders 40 F-16s (Peace Onyx II).
2 Apr 1992 Worldwide F-16 fleet surpasses four million flight hours.
9 Apr 1992 Maiden flight of the VISTA/F-16 variable in-flight simulator testbed aircraft. (Read more...)
10 Apr 1992 First Pakistani aircraft: F-16A (#90-943) and F-16B (#90-948) arrive at AMARC under designations AAFG0001 & AAFG0002. They are the first of 28 Peace Gate III & IV aircraft to be embargoed.
14 May 1992 First production F-16D block 50 (#90-0834) is delivered to the USAF.
2 Jun 1992 Air force Secretary Donald Rice endorses continued procurement of USAF F-16s through the 1990s with additional technology and capability upgrades.
1 Sep 1992 USAF Secretary reaffirms plan to continue F-16 procurement for at least the next few years. Announcement calls for 24 aircraft annually.
3 Sep 1992 Taiwan orders 150 F-16s (Peace Fenghuang) becoming the 18th customer.
30 Sep 1992 307th Fighter Squadron officially moves from Homestead AFB, Florida to Moody AFB, Georgia in the wake of Hurricane Andrew.
1 Oct 1992 Congress is notified of the MLU production phase for the European air forces, following Secretary of Defense Cheney's decision to continue U.S. participation in the development program.
3 Oct 1992 Congress approves funding for 24 USAF F-16s in fiscal 1993. Authorization for $68 million in advance procurement funding for 24 F-16s in 1994 is tied to completion of two studies on tactical aircraft requirements, as is funding for other major aircraft programs.
21 Oct 1992 BAF pilot Jean-Marie Toutou Toussaint is the first to reach 3,000 hours on the F-16.
29 Oct 1992 First production F-16C block 52 (#90-0809) is delivered to the USAF.
1 Nov 1992 USAF Thunderbirds convert to F-16C/D model.
27 Nov 1992 An F-16 of the Venezuela air force shoots down an AT-27 during the Air Force coup.
30 Nov 1992 First production F-16D block 52 (#90-0839) is delivered to the USAF.
1 Dec 1992 Greece orders 40 F-16s (Peace Xenia II).
27 Dec 1992 USAF F-16D #90-0778 from the 19th TFS, piloted by LTC Gary North of the 33rd TFS shoots down an Iraqi Mig-25 in UN-restricted airspace over southern Iraq, marking the first USAF F-16 kill and the first AMRAAM kill. (Read more...)