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F-16 Events from 1975

13 Jan 1975 On January 13th, 1975, Air Force Secretary John McLucas announced that the YF-16 had been selected as the winner of the ACF contest. The Air Force placed a contract for fifteen FSD (Full-Scale Development) airframes, a number that was later reduced to 8 (6 F-16A/FSD's and 2 F-16B/FSD's).
Jan 1975 U.S. Air Force selects F-16 as its air combat fighter and announces plans to procure at least 650 aircraft. (Read more...)
31 Jan 1975 Completion of YF-16 Lightweight Fighter evaluation. (Read more...)
10 Feb 1975 Preliminary design review from 10th to 13th of February.
Apr 1975 The F-16 design enters critical design review phase, from 22th to 24th of April.
8 May 1975 Neil Anderson belly lands the first YF-16 protoype on the grass at Fort Worth, after one of the main gear tires got stuck in the well during a practice demo for the Paris Air Show
May 1975 First transatlantic flight by the YF-16, attending the 1975 Paris Air Show.
29 Jun 1975 Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands announce plans to buy 348 F-16s.
21 Jul 1975 Belgium (116), Denmark (58), Norway (72), and the Netherlands (102) order 348 F-16s.
8 Aug 1975 F-16 manufacturing begins. (first chips)
7 Sep 1975 Submission of Canadian proposal.
3 Dec 1975 Loaded first assembly fixture.
18 Dec 1975 Assembly of F-16 Number One begins.