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F-16 Events from 1996

24 Mar 1996 Singapore orders 12 F-16s (Direct Commercial Sale).
Apr 1996 USAF ANG 149th FS/192nd FW becomes mission capable on a new reconnaissance pod, turning its F-16s into a capable recce platform. (Read more...)
Apr 1996 TUAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Onyx II order.
May 1996 F-16s from the ANG 149th FS/192nd FW equiped with a new recce pod start flying recce missions over Bosnia in support of peace-keeping operations, marking the first deployment of USAF F-16s in the recce role.
May 1996 Egypt orders 21 F-16s (Peace Vector V).
15 Jun 1996 The 4th FS/388th FW conducts largest three-day surge ever recorded for an 18-aircraft F-16 unit - 320 sorties in 72 hours
Jul 1996 RoCAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Fenghuang order.
26 Jul 1996 524th Fighter Squadron activates with the F-16 at Cannon AFB, New Mexico after converting from the F-111F which were sent to AMARC.
29 Jul 1996 Jordan orders 16 F-16s (Peace Falcon I) becoming the 19th customer.
1996 Denmark orders 4 F-16s as attrition replacements.
Aug 1996 USAFE's 31st FW at Aviano AB is the first F-16 unit to employ Night Vision Goggles. (Read more...)
1996 Maj. Erik A. Hutchins wins the 1996 Semper Viper award, after landing his F-16 experiencing an engine oil system failure that filled the cockpit with smoke. (Read more...)
15 Sep 1996 Bahrain agrees to host 26 American F-16s, becoming the second Gulf country to allow US forces to operate from its soil in the confrontation with Iraq.
5 Nov 1996 F-16 delivers first guided JDAM bomb.
12 Nov 1996 The first MLU production kits have been delivered ahead of schedule, marking the start of the production phase of the MLU program.
25 Nov 1996 USAF F-16 fleet records lowest single-engine fighter mishap rate in U.S. Air Force history, logging a Class A mishap rate of 2.15 accidents per 100,000 flying hours over a total of 377,000 flying hours for FY 1996.
4 Dec 1996 USAF F-16s pass 5 million flying hours.