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F-16 Events from 2000

23 Feb 2000 Lt. Col. Scott Baldwin lands his F-16C safely with the engine stuck in full mil power, earning him the 2000 Semper Viper award. (Read more...)
11 Mar 2000 Thailand orders 17 F-16s (Peace Naresuan IV). (Read more...)
20 Mar 2000 New-Zealand cancels the lease of 28 F-16s. (Read more...)
27 Apr 2000 The 4,000th F-16, an F-16C Block 40 for the Egyptian Air Force, rolls off the production line in Fort Worth. (Read more...)
9 May 2000 USAF orders 10 more F-16s. (Read more...)
19 May 2000 WCMD and TARS fielded on the F-16. (Read more...)
22 Jun 2000 RBAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Crown II order. (Read more...)
21 Jul 2000 Singapore orders 20 F-16s (Peace Carvin IV). (Read more...)
27 Jul 2000 South Korea orders 20 F-16s (Peace Bridge III). (Read more...)
24 Oct 2000 Maiden flight of the F-16 power-by-wire technology demonstrator,it the first aircraft to fly with all-electric flight-control actuation and no mechanical backup. (Read more...)
27 Dec 2000 Chile orders 10 F-16s (Peace Puma) becoming the 21st customer. (Read more...)