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F-16 Events from 1997

1 Jan 1997 Start of Operation Northern Watch, in which F-16s enforce a no-fly zone over northern Iraq.
28 Jan 1997 The first two F-16 Block 50 aircraft for Greece (a C and a D model from the Peace Xenia II program) roll out of the factory at Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft Systems. (Read more...)
12 Feb 1997 Frank Dewinne lands his F-16 after an engine and navigation system failure safely during adverse weather conditions, earning him the 1997 Semper Viper award. (Read more...)
7 Mar 1997 LMTAS starts working on Project Gold Strike, which will expand the F-16s targeting capability and situational analysis by enabling the F-16 to transmit and receive video images.
17 Mar 1997 RDAF accepts first F-16 of the second attrition replacement order.
15 Apr 1997 The first two F-16 Block 20 aircraft, out of 150 ordered under the Peace Fenghuang program, arrive in Taiwan. (Read more...)
18 Apr 1997 RSAF accepts first F-16 from the Direct Commercial Sale order.
5 Aug 1997 HAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Xenia II order. (Read more...)
30 Sep 1997 Congress approves 3 new F-16s to be delivered to the USAF in the FY 98 budget. (Read more...)
Oct 1997 LMTAS concludes evaluation of paintless F-16, 600sq feet of which was covered with an adhesive film in stead of paint. (Read more...)
29 Oct 1997 Singapore orders 12 F-16s (Peace Carvin III). (Read more...)
4 Nov 1997 The AFTI/F-16 program ends at Dryden research center, after 15 years and over 700 research flights (Read more...)
12 Dec 1997 A Danish F-16B MLU assigned to the F-16 Combined Test Force successfully launches an AIM-120 AMRAAM.. (Read more...)
17 Dec 1997 RJAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Falcon I order. (Read more...)