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F-16 Events from 1998

9 Apr 1998 RSAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Carvin II order. (Read more...)
Apr 1998 Bahrain orders 10 F-16s (Peace Crown II).
12 May 1998 United Arab Emirates orders 80 F-16s becoming the 20th customer.
23 Jun 1998 LMTAS is starting with the CCIP upgrade. (Read more...)
23 Aug 1998 USAF Lt.Col. Michael J. Brillo Brill is the first pilot to reach 4,000 hours on the F-16. (Read more...)
23 Aug 1998 Capt. Erik Pettyjohn wins the 1998 Semper Viper award, after he flew his damaged F-16 120 miles over enemy territory and landed it safely during a Northern Watch SEAD mission. (Read more...)
3 Nov 1998 The US ANG 119th FW sets a safety record by flying over 40,000 accident-free hours in the F-16, over a nine-year period.
10 Nov 1998 TUAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Onyx III order.
12 Nov 1998 428th Fighter Squadron activates at Cannon AFB, New Mexico.
30 Nov 1998 Portugal orders 25 F-16s (Peace Atlantis II).
Dec 1998 Worlwide F-16 fleet exceeds eight million flight hours.