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F-16 Events from 2001

3 Jan 2001 USAF buys 4 more F-16C's which were included in the FY '01 budget. (Read more...)
9 Jan 2001 Retirement of AFTI/F-16 #75-0750, after nearly 23 years of service, at the time the second oldest F-16 still flying. (Read more...)
15 Mar 2001 Italy orders 34 F-16s (Peace Caesar) becoming the 22nd customer. (Read more...)
3 Apr 2001 A ROCAF F-16B test-fires an AGM-84A Harpoon at a decommissioned destroyer, believed to be the first launch of an AGM-84 from an F-16 anywhere in the world.
30 Apr 2001 Both the 68th and 69th Fighter Squadrons disbanded at Moody AFB, Georgia.
24 Jul 2001 LMTAS delivers first CCIP modification kits 2 months ahead of schedule.
22 Aug 2001 EAF accepts first F-16 from Peace Vector VI order. (Read more...)
Aug 2001 LMTAS completes the first phase of flight testing with Conformal Fuel Tanks at Eglin AFB. (Read more...)
7 Oct 2001 Start of Operation Enduring Freedom, in which F-16s participate in air operations against terrorist training camps and infrastructure within Afghanistan
Nov 2001 Capt. Craig Marion leads an 8-hour combat flight over Afghanistan to defend an Army convoy, earning him the 2001 Semper Viper award. (Read more...)
29 Nov 2001 F-16s from the 389th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron use GBU-31 JDAMs in Operation Enduring Freedom, marking the first combat use. (Read more...)