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F-16 Events from 1977

29 Jan 1977 USAF announces plans for an additional 783 F-16s.
11 May 1977 First non-stop unrefueled flight by an F-16 across the U.S. flown by Colonel Jim Rider.
3 Jun 1977 First Full-Scale Development (FSD) F-16 with complete avionics equipment arrives at Edwards AFB.
8 Aug 1977 Maiden flight of the first FSD F-16B (#75-0751).
26 Aug 1977 First two-seat F-16B arrives at Edwards AFB.
26 Oct 1977 Department of Defense endorses F-16 full-scale production.
8 Nov 1977 F-16 prototype launches all-weather AIM-7F Sparrow missiles.