C-130 Hercules News
EC-130J Commando Solo performs final broadcast
Airmen from the 193rd Special Operations Wing here, who operates the only flying military radio and TV broadcast platform in the U.S. military, transmitted their final broadcast today to spectators at the Community Days Air Show at Lancaster Airport, Lititz, Pa., bringing to close a 54-year chapter in unit history.
Wing completes aircraft modernization with the arrival of the eighth C-130J Super Hercules
The 123rd Airlift Wing welcomed its eighth C-130J Super Hercules aircraft to the Kentucky Air National Guard Base on August 25, completing the unit's transition from legacy C-130H transports.
193rd Special Operations Wing preps for mission conversion
The 193rd Special Operations Wing is undergoing a substantial transformation of its primary mission. The wing is transitioning from its legacy EC-130J Commando Solo aircraft to the MC-130J Commando II.
C-130 Fleet Status
C-130 fleet - Oct 2, 2022
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 178
write-off: 351
preserved: 84
stored: 538
instructional: 155
on order: 4
active: 1332
Changes '21/'22:
Fleet adds: 35
Fleet drop: 63
Today in C-130 history
2 Oct 1966
C-130E #62-1840, c/n 3803, of the 776th Troop Carrier Squadron, shot down 30 kilometers south of Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam.
2 Oct 1970
C-130E #64-0536, c/n 4025, of the 776th Tactical Airlift Squadron, crashed into Cha Tien Shan mountain after take-off from Taipei, Taiwan.
2 Oct 1980
C-130A #56-0504, c/n 3112, of the 105th Tactical Airlift Squadron, lost part of port wing leading edge, crashed near McMinnville, Tennessee. Aircraft had been operated by Air America as 604, c. February 1970.
Quote of the Day
There is no flying without wings.
-- French proverb
C-130 Hall of Fame
Last Operational USAF C-130A
USAF #55-022
Last operational flight of a USAF C-130A was on October 3, 2003 at Eglin AFB, Florida.
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Callsign of the day

Callsign "GULP"

It's a FSX callsign but bear with me. I was training a student how to fly and land the F-18. On the second or third lesson, he landed gear up. Hence GULP (Gear up Landing Pilot). Now most people would only make that mistake once, however on the final checkride (after a dual engine failure) he forgot to drop the gear again. Earning him the callsign GULP.
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