C-130 Hercules News
RAF to retire remaining C-130 fleet by 2023
The Royal Air Force is to phase on the remaining C-130J transport fleet by 2023 according to the MoD in a defence paper released March 22nd, 2021.
133rd AW celebrates Golden Jubilee of the C-130
Sunday marks the 50-year anniversary of the C-130A Hercules flying mission at the Minnesota National Guard’s 133rd Airlift Wing in St. Paul, Minn. The Wing’s first mission flight was “wheels up” on Feb. 21, 1971.
Hard landing caused $21 million in damage to Ramstein cargo plane, Air Force finds
Pilot error caused $21 million in damage to an Air Force cargo plane that landed hard during a training flight at Ramstein Air Base in April, the service said following the release of an accident investigation board’s findings.
C-130 Fleet Status
C-130 fleet - May 8, 2021
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 162
write-off: 350
preserved: 81
stored: 526
instructional: 154
on order: 5
active: 1314
Changes '20/'21:
Fleet adds: 8
Fleet drop: 40
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Quote of the Day
Never forget that your weapon was made by the lowest bidder.
-- From Murphy's Laws of Combat Operations
C-130 Hall of Fame
Early air refuelling testing
USMC #55-046
On loan from the USAF to the USMC for testing air refuelling with the C-130 in 1957 and 1958.
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Callsign of the day

Callsign "Lunchbox"

While running missions in the Anbar Province of Iraq, I was constantly stuck in an unarmed ECW humvee as Truck Commander. After one long and boring mission (in excess of 14 hours straight driving in 140 degree heat), during a rant against my current plight, I said that if you connected the two short antennas on the roof with a 2x4 it would look like the handle of a lunchbox. The name stuck.
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