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Herculean Accomplishment: 2,700th Aircraft Delivered!
The 2,700th C-130 Hercules has joined the global fleet, marking a significant achievement in tactical airlift. This landmark aircraft is a KC-130J Super Hercules #170282 and is now part of the U.S. Marine Corps Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 252 fleet at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina.
317 AW 'Explodes into Theater' with maximum endurance operation for Valiant Shield 24
The 317th Airlift Wing completed an expanded Maximum Endurance Operation to Guam with two C-130J Super Hercules aircraft equipped with external fuel tanks, on June 4, 2024.
"Hangar Queen" Turned Hero
U.S. Central Command -- In an extraordinary display of determination and ingenuity, the Airmen of the 41st Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Unit successfully turned a "Hangar Queen" into their saving grace
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C-130 Fleet Status
C-130 fleet - Jun 19, 2024
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 180
write-off: 351
preserved: 89
stored: 577
instructional: 155
on order: 2
active: 1314
Changes '23/'24:
Fleet adds: 11
Fleet drop: 37
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Today in C-130 history
19 Jun 1979
C-130E #5-8520 of the Imperial Iranian Air Force lost control in flight, crashed, Shiraz, Iran. There is some question about this date.

Quote of the Day
One of our achievements at this period was the Rosarius Traveling Circus. This was a flight comprised of all air-worthy captured planes we could find. They traveled through the West from unit to unit in order to familiarize our pilots with enemy technique. The leaders could fly these enemy types themselves. In this way we found out that we had usually overrated their performance. The circus proved a great success.
-- Lt. General Adolph Galland, Luftwaffe
C-130 Hall of Fame
Repaired after 17 years buried in snow.
USNavy #148321
Force landed at Care Four, Antarctica after two JATO bottle came off and struck the aircraft. The ten man crew were uninjured but had to live in survival shelters for 80 hours until the weather improve enough to allow a rescue. It had been buried in the snow for 17 years before repairs began.
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Callsign of the day

Callsign "Cockroach"

2nd Lieut. Robert M, named after when he found a cockroach had entered his flight suit in transition training ... When he told it to his instructor/wingman, whole squadrons shortly knew it and named him "Cockroach". Not a very bad call sign, because he likes searching in "dirty" websites ....
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