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12 Feb 2007 Hercules C.4 #ZH876 of the RAF was seriously damaged during a landing incident in the Maysan Province of Iraq near the Iranian border. The aircraft was subsequently destroyed as it was deemed too dangerous for coalition forces to repair and recover it. This was the first C-130J loss for any nationality since the new variant entered service in 1999. Although it is acknowledged that this was not a Special Forces aircraft, it carried secure communications equipment that could not be compromised.


18 Jul 2007 L-100-30 #N401LC of Lynden Cargo, Alaska, over-rotated on take-off from gravel airstrip 24 miles (38 km) west-northwest of McGrath, Alaska, suffering tail strike and substantial damage, including puncture of main cabin pressure vessel. Four crew uninjured.


23 Aug 2007 Hercules C.1 #XV205 of the RAF landed 'very heavily' at night on a rough airstrip in Afghanistan in an area where there was a heavy Taliban presence. The Hercules, from 47 Squadron at RAF Lyneham, flown by a 47 Squadron Special Forces Flight crew, was badly damaged and could not be recovered. It was destroyed in place by British engineers so that sensitive equipment would not fall into enemy hands. No casualties were reported. Aircraft was modified with FLIR turret and night cameras in 2005.