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13 Feb 1983 C-130H #74-1693, c/n 4693, of the 463d Tactical Airlift Wing, suffered a ground fire at Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina, written off. To loadmaster trainer at Pope, as of April 1984; fuselage only, same August 2012.


9 Jun 1983 L-100-20 #FAP-383 pf the Peruvian Air Force crashed at Puerto Maldonado, southern Peru.
28 Jun 1983 C-130H #74-2068, c/n 4694, of the 463d Tactical Airlift Wing, crashed about 100 miles north of Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, during Red Flag exercise. Stalled turning at low altitude.


27 Aug 1983 L-100-20 c/n #4333, delivered June 1969 as Lockheed Aircraft Service Company N7957S; leased to U.S. Navy, May 1969 for tests. Leased to Saturn Airways, N7957S, May 1970, named 'Wimpy'. Sold to Saturn, N17ST, October 1972. Modified to L-100-30, August 1973. To Trans International Airlines, December 1976, to Transamerica, October 1979, crashed 50 kilometers south of Dundo, Angola