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11 Apr 1982 L-100-20 #CF-PWK of Northwest Territorial Airways burned on ground, off-loading gasoline, Paulatuk, Northwest Territory (69N, 124W).
13 Apr 1982 C-130H #74-1678, c/n 4645, of the 463d Tactical Airlift Wing, as of October 1977 with black camel on tail. Crashed near Sivas, 360 kilometers east of Ankara, Turkey, when number four (starboard outer) engine mount failed, destroyed number three (starboard inner) engine, wing broke.
29 Apr 1982 C-130H #743 of the Ecuadorian Air Force and operated by 11 squadron, crashed into a forested hill side 15 kilometers before the runway of Marisal Sucre airport in Quito, Ecuador during go-around after missed approach.


13 May 1982 C-130E #64-0543, c/n 4033, of the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing, crashed when wing broke during formation flight near Judsonia, Arkansas.


1 Jun 1982 C-130H #TC-63 of Argentine Air Force (1 Escuadrón, 1 Brigade Aérea), was shot down by Royal Navy Sea Harrier XZ451, of the HMS Invincible air group, coded '006', piloted by Lieutenant Commander Nigel Ward, with AIM-9L Sidewinder missile and guns during the Falklands War (Spanish: Guerra de las Malvinas/Guerra del Atlántico Sur).


30 Jul 1982 USCG HC-130H CG1600, c/n #4757, assigned Kodiak CGAS, crashed 4 kilometers south of Attu, Aleutian Islands, in bad weather landing


16 Oct 1982 C-130B, #1003 of the Colombian Air Force ditched in Atlantic Ocean 330 kilometers east of Cape May, New Jersey, navigation systems unserviceable, ran out of fuel


16 Nov 1982 CC-130H #130329 of the Canadian Forces crashed during a Low Altitude Parachute Extraction System (LAPES) operation at Namao when the load failed to clear the aircraft causing it to crash.