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Date Status Local S/N Aircraft AF/Unit Version Info Details
06 Jan 1966 [ w/o] 61-972 61- 0972 C-130B Details
Shot down west of Pleiku AB, South Vietnam.
09 Jan 1966 [ w/o] 61-970 61- 0970 C-130B Details
Crash on landing after running off runway when all four engines were reversed at 50 feet above the runway and into a ditch at An Khe, South Vietnam. The five crew survived.
01 Feb 1966 [ w/o] 149809 USMC VMGR-152 KC-130F Details
Crash into the sea 65 kilometers east of Dong Hoi, North Vietnam after being damaged. The aircraft and crew of six were lost without any trace.
19 Mar 1966 [ w/o] 61-641 61- 2641 USAF 313 TCW C-130B Details
Crash into mountain on the island of Senja on approach to Bardufoss AS, Norway killing 7 on baord.
26 Mar 1966 [ w/o] 56-506 56- 0506 USAF 41 TCS C-130A Details
Damaged due to propeller reversal problem on landing at Tuy Hoa AB, South Vietnam when it veered off the runway and into a ditch. The aircraft was deemed repairable. A cable was strung through the crew entrance door and out the side window. An Army tank was used to pull the aircraft but the cable simply cut through the metal damaging the aircraft beyond economical repair. The aircraft was subsiquently used by the USArmy as an Officers' Club.
29 Mar 1966 [ w/o] 61-953 61- 0953 USAF 29 TCS C-130B Details
Crash short of the runway during night landing at Pleiku AB, South Vietnam.
15 Apr 1966 [ w/o] 10304 60- 5453 RCAF 435 TRS C-130B AIB Report Details
Crash landed near a Borden, Saskatchewan field after losing a forward cargo door inflight which resulted in structural damage due to explosive decompression. Fortunately no injuries. Aircraft may have been in process of a ferry flight to 408 Squadron. Struck off charge on October 12, 1966.
31 May 1966 [ w/o] 64-511 64- 0511 USAF 61 TCS C-130E Details
Lost during a mission against the Thanh Hoa bridge on the Song Ma River, North Vietnam. The Carolina Moon operation was an attempt to drop a large 8 foot diameter bomb with 5000 pounds of explosives to knock out the bridge. Exact reason of loss is truly not known, but all eight crew were killed in action.
17 Jun 1966 [ w/o] 63-785 63- 7785 USNavy VR-8 C-130E Details
Operated on loan from USAF by US Navy squadron VR-8; exploded over sea off Cam Ranh Bay AB, Vietnam (serial number subsequently applied to C-130E 64-0507, c/n 3991, in 1972, which was assigned to another agency December 31, 1964, and flew Air America missions)
07 Jul 1966 [ con] 56-469 56- 0469 C-130A Details
While flying a mission to Qui Nhon Air Base the right aft main gear broke and was hanging down from three to five feet below the forward gear, with the wheel turned 90° from its normal position. The aircraft was forced to fly to Da Nang Air Base after jettisoning its load of mixed cargo and explosives over water 25 miles east Northeast of Nha Trang. The aircraft touched smoothly-just before the start of the foam, roll-out was uneventful until the end of the foam strip was reached, when the sudden increase in drag from the damaged gear evidently resulted in an tilt to the right sufficient to cause the number 4 engines propeller to strike the runway and separated from the engine.
15 Jul 1966 [ w/o] 24142 62- 4142 PAF 6 sqn C-130B Details
Crashed into mountain in Pakistan killing 10 on board.
06 Sep 1966 [ w/o] 63-878 63- 7878 USAF 776 TCS C-130E Details
Crash into mountain in Taiwan due to a navigation error.
02 Oct 1966 [ w/o] 62-840 62- 1840 USAF 776 TCS C-130E Details
Shot down 30 kilometers south of Cam Ranh Bay AB, South Vietnam.
12 Oct 1966 [ w/o] 63-886 63- 7886 USAF 516 TAW C-130E Details
Flew into ground at night north-northwest of Aspermont, Texas.
25 Oct 1966 [ w/o] 61-955 61- 0955 USAF 48 TCS C-130B Details
Ran off runway during landing after hitting wake turbulence at Fort Campbell, Kentucky and written-off

Abbreviations and symbols:
[act] Active [i/a] Instructional Airframe [sto] Stored (e.g. at AMARG)
[cld] Cancelled Order [msh] Involved in Mishap [w/o] Write-off
[con] Converted [o/o] On Order
[des] Destroyed (drone) [pre] Preserved (museum, gateguard) T/V LM Aero Type/Version (Construction) number
[emb] Embargoed [scr] Scrapped Photo Available
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Errors and Omissions

Feb 25, 2017 - 12:20 AM
Wrong tail number.....

In the March 25, 1966 accident at Tuy Hoa AB the ac ID is shown as 56-506 - I believe the correct production year for this ac was 60 - send me an email address and I can send you a pic of the carcass of the ac

Also, believe the listing for 62-1840 on Oct 2, 1966 is incorrect in terms of location and reason. IF the ac was 30 k south of Cam Ranh Bay, it would be over the South China Sea, or, if over land, would be virtually on top of Phan Rang AB. I believe this accident was the result of the ac flying into terrain while executing an instrument app to Cam Ranh and occurred when it impacted a mountain while in procedure turn.

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