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Local S/N AF/Unit Aircraft Name Marked Date Details
65840 USAF 37 AS 16-5840 Apr 2019 Details
Special D-Day Invasion Stripes.

Invasion stripes applied for 75th Anniversary of D-Day. W7 is the squadron identifier for the 37th Troop Carrier Squadron, the 37th AS’ legacy squadron.
149798 USNavy VR-3 "Look Ma, No Hook" 30 Oct 1963 Details
Largest aircraft to land on a carrier

Used for carrier suitability trials on the USS Forrestal making 29 touch and goes, and 21 landings and unassisted takeoffs just off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. The aircraft was being studied for use as a Carrier Onboard Delivery transport. The refueling pods were removed from the aircraft for the tests. This C-130 made history as the largest aircraft to land and take-off from an aircraft carrier but never became operational.
N1130E Apr 1964 Details
Prototype for the L100 series had first flight April 20, 1964. The L100 is the civilian versions of the C-130. Another amazing fact was that the first flight was 25 hours long.
N5103D 25 May 2017 Details
First LM-100J built

First Lockheed Martin LM-100J commercial freighter aircraft achieved a critical milestone with the completion of its first flight on May 25th

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Aug 09, 2015 - 02:16 AM
First 'E" model

LAC 3609 was the first "E" AF 61-2358 , There were 15 other early "E's" which were actually converted "B"'s They had special beef-up in the outer wings for the External tank and the Shelf Brackets (MLG ) were converted and different from the production "E"s . I flew 3609 in Marietta when it was the test bed for -15 engines and several times when it went through PDM . At the PDM Depot we referred to the first 16 "E"'s as "B-E"'s as an aid to prevent confusion from "real" "E":|"'s. WBH

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