Civilian Hercules Photos

  • 080624-F-7747R-002.JPG
    A Lynden Air Cargo L-382 Hercules (N403LC) takes off during daily operations at Ramstein AB, Germany on June 24, 2008. With a fleet of 6 Lockheed L-382 aircraft, Lynden Air Cargo regularly provides transport services for the U.S. military. [USAF photo by SrA Levi Riendeau]
  • Northwest Territorial L-100-30
    Northwest Territorial Airways L-100-30 Hercules C-FNWY at London Stansted Airport in August 1979. [Photo by Eduard Marmet]
  • First Air C130 GHPW
    First Air C-130 Hercules C-GHPW at Cambridge Bay Airport on January 24, 2009. [Photo by CambridgeBayWeather]
  • GUSI First Air C130 Hercules
    First Air L-100 Hercules C-GUSI on June 5, 2010. [Photo by CambridgeBayWeather]
  • C-GHPW First Air C130
    First Air C-130 Hercules C-GHPW at Cambridge Bay Airport on September 4, 2010. [Photo by CambridgeBayWeather]
  • N406LC
    Lynden Air Cargo Lockheed Hercules N406LC at Sydney Airport in Australia on January 1, 2007. [Photo by YSSYguy]
  • Lockheed L382 N9259R Delta-3
    Lockheed L382 Hercules N9259R of Delta Airlines on April 15, 1972. [Photo by Ruth AS]
  • Air Algérie Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules 7T-VHL FRA 2011-6-24
    Air Algerie Cargo Lockheed L-100-30 7T-VHL on short final to Frankfurt Airport on June 24, 2011. [photo by Andre Wadman]
  • Lockheed L382E Hercules N923SJ
    Lockheed L-100-30 N923SJ of Southern Air Transport operating a freight charter flight at Manchester Airport on August 28, 1994. [photo by RuthAS]
  • 2014 Spotlight Web L100 AlaskaInternationalAir 001 cropped 1267828237 9573
    Alaska International Air was a charter freight company that was estimated to have hauled more than one million pounds of air cargo per day during construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline in the 1970s, pioneering heavy equipment delivery to the North Slope. This L-100 (c/n 4176 registry N9259R), the commercial variant of the Hercules, was delivered in 1966 and was later modified with a sixty-inch fuselage extension forward of the wing and a forty-inch extension aft of the wing, and redesignated as an L-100-20. The aircraft was originally delivered to Delta Air Lines. It went through several owners and lessors and was written off after a landing accident in São Thomé in 1979. Alaska International Airways became MarkAir, which was liquidated in 1995. [Lockheed photo]
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    Golden Nugget Freighters L-100 #N9227R (4208) seen air-to-air. [Photo by Lockheed Martin]
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    Continental Air Services L-100 #N9260R (4101) seen coming into land. [Photo by Lockheed Martin]