BAE Hawk vs. bird... - Bird wins (kind of) [video]

Military aircraft accidents/mishaps.
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Hopefully this isn't a repost...

They lose the aircraft but I suspect the bird had a bad day too.

The aircraft was a RCAF BAE Hawk flown by the advanced students at 2 CFFTS (Canadian Forces Flying Training School) out of 15 Wing, CFB Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. It has only one engine.


The bird strike occured shortly after takeoff while working on touch-and-gos. They were doing about 230 knots at 200 feet when the strike occured. They were at about 800 feet, 150 knots when they finally ejected. The student and IP both ejected. The IP reportedly suffered a significant lower back injury and busted a leg, the student was fine. ... 202004.htm

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