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Final Danish C-130J Delivered

July 11, 2007 (by Jonathan Somerville) - Over the past three years 721 Squadron has been receiving it’s four C-130s with the final delivery made in July of 2007.

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Underside view of RDAF C-130J #B-537 at Aalborg AB on April 24th, 2004. [Photo by Erik Frikke]

The Royal Danish Air Force is very pleased to have it’s C-130Js and wasted no time making the squadron operational. By the time the last C-130J was delivered the squadron had amassed almost 5000 flight hours on the other three C-130Js. Danish C-130Js have also been to locations such as Kuwait, Greenland, several countries in Africa and several countries in the Pacific after the tsunami. The first delivery of a C-130J to Denmark occurred in March of 2004 and was operational after only a month.

Other current C-130J operators are the AMI (Italian), RAAF, RAF, and America. In the United States the USAF, USMC along with the US Coast Guard fly the C-130J.

For countries fling the C-130J this offers higher operational efficiency than the older C-130 variants. It can fly faster with greater payload and reliability to further locations.

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