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Civilian Herk crash Lands

August 25, 2019 (by Jon Sommerville) - Small pieces of wreckage from a C-130 crash is all over a Santa Barbara runway in California. Fortunately everyone got out safely.

C-130A registry #N121TG maybe the aircraft involved

Late Saturday, August 25, 2019 a civilian Hercules came to rest after skidding on the runway at Santa Barbara Airport in California during an landing. The aircraft had shortly before taken off and declared an inflight emergency. All seven on board escaped without any serious injuries. Local airport fire department responded quickly and put the fire out so quickly that the aircraft didn't burn out completely leaving it largely intact. Airport remained closed for several hours after the mishap. Aircraft belonged International Air Response based out of Arizona and labelled on the aircraft "Oil Spill Response."

How are these aircraft used for oil spills? Aircraft are designed for working over bodies of water and can air drop dispersant directly into oil spills. See below video of a practice run:


As with any loss, there will be a waiting period for the official loss report, in this case from the NTSB for an Accident Report. But FAA has stated possible hydraulic pressure loss. Some have reported the aircraft as registered N119TG.