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Little Rock, Royal Canadian Airman: Rigging together solid foundation

November 27, 2017 (by Amn Rhett Isbell) - Little Rock Air Force Base Airmen participated in an exercise with Airman from the Royal Canadian Air Forces base Trenton in Ontario, Canada November 8, 2017.

A RCAF C-130H tosses out colored banners to gauge wind drift and speed before dropping practice emergency bundles during training at Canadian Forces base Trenton in Ontario on November 6, 2017. The 41st AS, 61st AS and 19th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Airmen were invited by the RCAF to validate and build U.S.- Canadian tactical airlift inter-operability with expeditionary scenarios. [USAF photo by SSgt Jeremy McGuffin]

Two Little Rock Airmen took it a step further and were embedded in a canadian unit to fully immerse themselves with the Canadian Airmen and try to learn as much from each other as possible.

"We're supporting a unilateral training mission for six flying squadrons," said Staff Sgt. Brandon Glover, 19th Logistics Readiness Squadron aerial delivery supervisor. "Two are from the Royal Canadian Air Forces and four are from Little Rock Air Force Base, so there's a lot to keep up with. Coming here and learning a new perspective really helps increase the work flow, once we get each other's practices figured out."

This integration was done to show the rigging methods used by both countries Airmen and to show and improve Canadian and American operations in deployed environments.
"I like being able to see all of the different maneuvers and techniques the Little Rock Airmen use," said Master Coporal Mike Howell, 2 Air Movement Squadron traffic technician. "Knowing each other's nuances and different ways of doing things really helps to smooth operations during deployments."

Little Rock Air Force Base and Trenton Airmen worked to exhange information and foster a sense of comradery with each other by working together to help support the mission of the exersice.
"The Little Rock Airmen were knowledgable at doing their jobs and it was a pretty smooth integration," Howell said. "It helps to build a better relationship for when we go on deployments and meet each other in the field."

The strong bonds forged between Royal Canadian and American Airmen over the course of the exercise shows the need for developing international relations.

"Meeting the demand of these conditions is challenging, but with the combined expertise of Little Rock and Royal Canadian Airmen we manage to get by," Glover said.

Courtesy of 19th Airlift Wing

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RCAF Master Corporal Steve Peacock watches a RCAF C-130H do a low-altitude fly by on November 6, 2017, at Canadian Forces base Trenton in Ontario, Canada. The 41st AS, 61st AS and the 19th AW were invited by the RCAF to perform exercises in adverse weather conditions.[USAF photo by Amn Rhett Isbell]