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Indonesian C-130 crashes into a mountain

December 18, 2016 (by Asif Shamim) - An Indonesian Air Force C-130H (#A-1334) has crashed into mountains in Kampung Minimo, Maima district in the East of the country on December 18, killing all 13 on board.

Rescuers collect personal belongings of the victims of Indonesian Air Force C-130H #A-1334 that crashed in the mountainous area in Wamena, Papua province, Indonesia on December 18, 2016. The Hercules transport plane crashed in bad weather in the easternmost province, killing all on board. [Photo AP by Gerry Kossay]

Air Force chief of staff Agus Supriatna reported the C-130 was carrying 12 tons of food supplies and cement from Timika to Wamena, a distance of about 200 kilometers (125 miles),

The Hercules took off from Timika at 05.35 hrs local time and was expected to land in Wamena at 06.13 hrs. Contact was lost 10 minutes before the scheduled landing.

Search and Rescue personnel were dispatched to area and reached the scene an hour later and recovered all the bodies who were taken to Wamena.

No official reason has yet to be given as to the cause of the crash. Air Force chief Agus Supriatna has indicated that the pilot may lost control due to bad weather, but this can not been confirmed.

In a press conference in Jakarta, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Air Force Marshal Hadiyan Sumintaatmadja sent condolences to the family of the Air Force members who died.

"First of all, we express our condolences over the death of the Air Force members who were all on duty. We pray for strength for the bereaved family to deal with this ordeal," said Hadiyan.

An investigation was underway. Sumintaatmadja said the plane was airworthy and had 69 hours left until its next routine maintenance check.

The fatal incident is the latest for Indonesia's accident-prone military. But the worst incident to date was in June 2015, when another C-130 Hercules crashed into a residential neighborhood in the city of Medan, killing 142 people and causing widespread damage.

#A-1334 was the first of five ex-RAAF C-130H's sold to the Indonesian Air Force as part of an agreement signed July 2013 and was transferred to the TNIAU in February 2016.

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The burnt out remains of C-130H A-1334, that crashed in Wamena, Papua, on December 18, 2016. [Photo Daeng_Info]

TNIAU aircrew stand with maintainers & RAAF Base Richmond senior leadership in front of the newly acquired C-130H Hercules #A-1334. A handover ceremony at RAAF Base Richmond on February 8th, 2016 saw the first ex-RAAF C-130H Hercules being sold to the Indonesian Air Force being handed over. [ Photo by Sgt Guy Young © Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence]