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US Department of Defense Order Four C-130Js

December 11, 2006 (by Lockheed Martin) - Lockheed Martin has received an initial $128 million from the United States government as part of a $256.2 million contract for three C-130J-30 combat delivery aircraft for the U.S. Air Force and one KC-130J tanker for the Marine Corps.
These aircraft, slated for delivery in 2010, were authorized and funded by the FY06 Global War on Terror supplemental authorization. This contract brings the total number of C-130Js ordered to date at 186.

“More and more the C-130J is being recognized as a key component in the Global War on Terror and in combat and humanitarian missions around the world,” said David Haines, vice president of Lockheed Martin C-130 programs. “This highly capable and reliable aircraft is critical to combat re-supply, refueling and relief operations. Last month, the Italian C-130J fleet surpassed the 50,000 flight hour mark after compiling more than 1,200 hours during November. This incredible tempo would not be achievable or sustainable without an effective and reliable aircraft.”

Recently selected by Canada as the only aircraft that can meet the nation’s military tactical airlift needs, the C-130J is regarded as the U.S. Air Force’s premier intratheater airlifter and the most advanced airlifter available on the world market. Features of the Super Hercules include its extended range with greater thrust under all conditions, high-elevation/hot-temperature performance, enhanced situational awareness, enhanced defensive systems and significant operational flexibility. Redesigned and improved to operate in demanding environments, the C 130J delivers unmatched austere airfield, short take-off and landing performance for intra-theater operations. C-130Js operating in southwest Asia are conducting high tempo combat operations while maintaining reliability previously unrealized in a combat aircraft.

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