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Last RCAF CC-130E heads to the museum

April 5, 2016 (by Asif Shamim) - The Department of National Defence has donated the last CC-130E Hercules #130307 legacy aircraft still in service to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa.

Crew with RCAF CC-130E #130307, ahead of its last flight. The Hercules flew to Ottawa on April 5, 2016 where it will be donated to the Canada Aviation and Space Museum. [Photo Department of National Defence]

The aircraft made its last flight on April 5, flying from 424 Transport and Rescue Squadron at 8 Wing Trenton, Ontario, to land at the Museum. The two-hour flight concluded the aircraft's more than 50 years of loyal service.

The Hercules will become part of the Museum’s permanent exhibition. This donation commemorates the significant role of the aircraft – a true workhorse of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Canadians will soon be able to admire firsthand this flagship of the Canadian Air Force. Rugged and versatile, the Hercules has participated in numerous search and rescue operations, and helped provide disaster relief.

#130307 was the seventh CC-130 delivered to the Canadian Armed Forces in May 1970 and third to become a CC-130E in 1993. During its service it flew with 435 squadron at RCAF Station Namao (Alberta), before being converted into a Navigational trainer CC-130N/NT based at Winnipeg with the Canadian Forces Air Navigation School.

1993 saw its role change to a SAR aircraft and it was then converted to become a CC-130E and went to CFB Trenton. This Hercules is the oldest flying in Canada.

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CC-130E 130307, 429 Squadron at home field of CFB Winnipeg, Manitoba where it was used as a navigational trainer. [photo by Kevin Patrick]

RCAF CC-130E #130307 is seen on the runway at Malta International Airport on February 19, 2011. [Photo by Brendon Attard]