C-130XJ brochure

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C-130XJ brochure. Has this morphed into what is now the LM-100J?

C-130XJ concept art work [Lockheed Martin]
C-130XJ Bro Media.pdf
C-130XJ brochure
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Unread post07 Apr 2015, 20:41

The LM-100J is basically the C-130J-30 right - the civil variant.

The C-130XJ is positioned as a low-cost "entry" model C-130J with some "features" removed in order to reduce cost. However, this cheaper basic configuration can still be eXpanded into a full-featured C-130J.

Maybe I'm just adding to the confusion here :-)



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The " scaled down " version ( minus some features ) does not match the Brochure Title of Super J.Over the years many of the improvements sometimes were add -on's & perhaps this model has rolled all the configuration issues into a production standard , if so there could be a considerable weight reduction. Maybe someone in this forum ,who is close to Lockheed could shed some light on this. It sounds great for any improvement just keeps the series going.

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