C-130 Hercules News
Operation Snowbird
U.S. Air Force airmen with the 109th Airlift Squadron and 133rd Airlift Wing participate in a training exercise in Yuma, Ariz., March 9, 2018. Operation Snowbird enhances the Wing’s ability to deploy, execute and sustain rapid global mobility around the world.
Lockheed Martin delivers 400th C-130J
Lockheed Martin reached a major milestone with the delivery of its 400th C-130J Super Hercules aircraft on February 9. This Super Hercules is an MC-130J Commando II Special Operations aircraft that is assigned to the U.S. Air Force's Special Operations Command (AFSOC).
Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group awarded Swedish Air Force contract to support C-130 fleet
Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group has won the contract to support the Swedish Air Force fleet of Lockheed Martin C-130 aircraft, by providing depth maintenance services.
C-130 Fleet Status
C-130 fleet - Mar 18, 2018
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 153
write-off: 339
preserved: 70
stored: 487
instructional: 153
on order: 15
active: 1330
Changes '17/'18:
Fleet adds: 22
Fleet drop: 48
Today in C-130 history
Quote of the Day
Always treat your plane like you treat your woman. Get inside her five times a day and take her to heaven and back!
-- Lord Flasheart in Blackadder Goes Forth
C-130 Hall of Fame
Repaired after 17 years buried in snow.
USNavy #148321
Force landed at Care Four, Antarctica after two JATO bottle came off and struck the aircraft. The ten man crew were uninjured but had to live in survival shelters for 80 hours until the weather improve enough to allow a rescue. It had been buried in the snow for 17 years before repairs began.
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Callsign of the day

Callsign "Shotgun"

Sitting in a bar off base with a few buddies, an irrate civilian mistook me for his wifes extramarital exercise partner. He came back to the bar brandishing a 12 gauge. After the story got back to base everyone thought it was funny to yell "Shotgun!" at the top of their lungs when ever I entered the room.
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