C-130 Hercules News
Hitting the mark: US, Polish forces take aim
U.S. Air Force aircrew members stand underneath the wing of their C-130 Hercules aircraft on the flight line during pre-checks before a training mission at Powidz Air Base, Poland.
Kadena airmen pay tribute to MC-130P retirement
From providing helicopter air-to-air refueling to conducting long-range support of special operations forces, the MC-130P Combat Shadow has provided a critical service to the U.S. military for nearly 50 years.
ANG supports Av-Det rotation in Poland
Airmen from the U.S. and Polish Air Forces started training together at the 33rd Air Base at Powidz Air Base, on October 15, 2014, for the start of Aviation Detachment rotation 15-1.
C-130 Fleet Status
C-130 fleet - Oct 31, 2014
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 78
write-off: 331
preserved: 54
stored: 366
instructional: 188
on order: 48
active: 1444
Changes '13/'14:
Fleet adds: 91
Fleet drop: 35
Today in C-130 history
Quote of the Day
I am not a good shot. Few of us are. To make up for this I hold my fire until I have a shot of less than 20Ò deflection and until I'm within 300 yards. Good discipline on this score can make up for a great deal.
-- Lt. Colonel John C. Meyer, USAAF
C-130 Hall of Fame
USAF #91-231
Hercules number 2000 built operated first by the 165th Airlift Squadron.
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