C-130 Hercules News
U.S. Marines critical element in Operation Inherent Resolve
The KC-130J Super Hercules is used to transport troops, resupply forward operating bases, perform medical evacuations and refuel coalition aircraft.
US confirms donation of C-130E to Ethiopia
The United State Embassy in Addis Ababa has confirmed that a C-130E (#62-1858) has been gifted to the Ethiopian government to aid in the support of AU and UN peacekeeping operations.
Lockheed Martin Australia to deliver C-130J training solutions to RAAF
The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has awarded Lockheed Martin Australia a contract to supply a modern C-130J-30 Virtual Maintenance Trainer and a Multi-Function Training Aid (MFTA) to support maintenance and aircrew training at RAAF Base Richmond.
C-130 Fleet Status
C-130 fleet - Mar 4, 2015
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 79
write-off: 330
preserved: 55
stored: 370
instructional: 190
on order: 42
active: 1443
Changes '14/'15:
Fleet adds: 13
Fleet drop: 21
Today in C-130 history
4 Mar 1970
C-130B #24389 of the Pakistan Air Force, (6 Squadron), written off.
Quote of the Day
Caution: Cape does not enable user to fly.
-- Batman costume warning label
Wal-Mart, 1995
C-130 Hall of Fame
Test aircraft for US Army C-130C.
USAF #80712
Modified for trails for boundary layer control for the US Army to be C-130C with Short takeoff and landing capability. First flight was on February 8, 2014. Was fitted with a boundary layer air control system that consisted of a wider rudder, single-hinged flaps instead of the standard Fowler flaps, and two Allison YT56-A-6 jet engines under the outer wings. Bleed air from the jets was blown over the flaps and rudder to enhance lift and controllability. Flown for twenty-three hours before the Army lost interest.
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Callsign "Ghandi"

'Mark 'Ghandi' Hebein, he was called so because he once rain to a little field of hot, burning ash barefooted! It was to compare him with Mahatma Ghandi.....'Ghandi, the firewalker!' You might know that is a sort of ritual in India to cross a field of ash barefooted to show that man can withstand pain.'
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