C-130 Hercules News
KC-130J experiences loss of pressurization
At approximately 11:20hrs PDT, on August 15, a C-130J from Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (VMGR- 352) departed Marine Corps Air Station Miramar with 46 passengers and experienced a loss of pressurization at 21,000 feet during a scheduled training mission.
MAFFS surge support continues as national preparedness advances to highest level
Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System-equipped C-130 Hercules aircraft from the Air Force Reserve Command and Air National Guard continue supporting wildland fire suppression efforts as the National Preparedness level reaches its highest level.
CC-130J delivers IRB commitments for Canada
Lockheed Martin has successfully completed the Aircraft Capability - Tactical (ACP-T) Acquisition Industrial Regional Benefits (IRB) commitments valued at $1.4 billion associated with Canada's purchase of 17 CC-130J Super Hercules aircraft in 2007.
C-130 Fleet Status
C-130 fleet - Aug 22, 2017
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 152
write-off: 338
preserved: 70
stored: 467
instructional: 153
on order: 7
active: 1347
Changes '16/'17:
Fleet adds: 34
Fleet drop: 62
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Quote of the Day
I just made a balls of it, old boy. That's all there was to it.

Group Captain Sir Douglas Bader, about his December 1931 roll performed immediately after takeoff that ended in the crash that led to the loss of both legs. He later flew fighters again, and led a wing of Spitfires during the Battle of Britain.

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C-130 Hall of Fame
AC-130 Prototype
USAF #54-626
Prototype for the AC-130A but the 'AC' part was never designated. Modifications were done at Wright-Patterson AFB by Aeronautical Systems Division during March and April of 1967. Testing was then done in mid 1967 at Eglin AFB, Florida. Starting September 21, 1967 the aircraft did a 3 month combat deployment to test the aircrafts capability in a real combat environment and operated out of Nha Trang AB, South Vietnam. Often carried tail number 0-41626.
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Callsign of the day

Callsign "Spoiler"

During my Fighter Training School, i would always leave my speed break up when doing BFM/ACM. I still manage to forget to close it from time to time, can't seem to get out of the habit of leaving it up. My instructor and a few others that were training me came up with that callsign. Granted its the speed brake on the F-16 that i leave up, but spoiler sounded better than "speed brake".
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