C-130 Hercules News
Five Marines missing, two rescued after F-18 and KC-130J collide off Japanese coast
Two of seven Marines have been rescued after a "mishap" involving a pair of Marine Corps aircraft early Thursday off the coast of Japan.
Propeller blade responsible for 2017 KC-130 crash that killed 16 service members
Investigators say bad maintenance practices at a Georgia air force base missed a deteriorating propeller blade that broke off six years later as a U.S. Marine Corps transport plane cruised over Mississippi at 20,000 feet, causing the KC-130T to break into pieces and plunge into a soybean field, killing 15 Marines and a Navy corpsman.
External fuel tanks trial on RAAF C-130J Hercules
External fuel tanks will be trialled on a pair of Royal Australian Air Force C-130J Hercules transport aircraft over the next 12 months.
C-130 Fleet Status
C-130 fleet - Dec 12, 2018
Fleet overview:
scrapped: 155
write-off: 344
preserved: 71
stored: 493
instructional: 150
on order: 11
active: 1332
Changes '17/'18:
Fleet adds: 25
Fleet drop: 69
Today in C-130 history
Dec 1989
C-130H #460 of the RSAF (4 Squadron) burned on ground, air conditioner fire
12 Dec 1965
C-130A #56-0515, c/n 3123, of the 18th Troop Carrier Squadron, crashed during an assault take-off from Bitburg, West Germany.
12 Dec 1987
C-130H #2468 of the Brazilian Air Force crashed into sea on approach to Fernando de Noronha island, Brazil. 29 were killed.
Quote of the Day
Truly superior pilots are those who use their superior judgment to avoid those situations where they might have to use their superior skills.
-- Uknown
C-130 Hall of Fame
Civilian #N1130E
Prototype for the L100 series had first flight April 20, 1964. The L100 is the civilian versions of the C-130. Another amazing fact was that the first flight was 25 hours long.
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Callsign of the day

Callsign "Bolleke"

This is my call sign since ages. Given to me by my drill instructor in one of my first jobs in my military life. Refering to my body shape at that moment (end of 80's) [Note from Editor: "Bolleke" is a Flemish word and can be translate as "Small sphere" in English]. Since that moment I kept my call sign with honours, even for 6 months in ISAF HQ, Kabul, AFG. Years later I will be for the first time in a F-16 Sqn at 10th W Tac, KB, BE.
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