Analysis of F-8 Crusader success over North Vietnam

Cold war, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm - up to and including for example the A-10, F-15, Mirage 200, MiG-29, and F-18.
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Here's an interesting, maybe definitive and certainly somewhat redeeming read if you haven't seen it.

Lots of comments about kill ratios for USAF, USN and VPAF aircraft at various points in the war. May have already been posted somewhere here. ... 0135843063

Now if they'll only give Kilgus credit for the first kill (not probable) of the air war in his F-100D, as the VPAF seems to confirm, the world will be right. :D


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outlaw162 wrote:Are the Red Baron volumes after Aug 67 still classified?

Authors have been referencing the later volume sets for about 20 years (including Clashes 1997) so whatever data is available has been used constantly in sources like Osprey etc and likely needs a FOI request.

8 gun jams on the F-105 the rest were other equipment failures and 3 are labelled switchology!


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I actually found the article above grossly inferior to the work that Weaver did for the
Journal of Aeronautical history. At least Weaver mentions the F-8's IRST.


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Did the F-8 ever do DACT with British Lightning jets? I always thought that would have been a better match than Fishbed. And, yes, early models did have two 30mm cannon mounted internal.


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One advantage the F-8 had was that its crews for the most part only trained for fighter missions, so they became very proficient since they didn't have to also train for and practice ground attack.

Of course we must remember the F-8's appalling safety record. !,261 were built, 1,106 were either lost or suffered major mishaps (combat losses were only 87 of that total) The French had a loss rate of 64%. For a period of 13 years except for one month, there was at least one ejection from an F-8 every month!

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