Tomcat Tales – A Documentary About the Real Top Guns!

Cold war, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm - up to and including for example the A-10, F-15, Mirage 200, MiG-29, and F-18.
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Unread post07 Jul 2020, 04:27

TOMCAT Tales Official Trailer


Official Trailer 2

A4G Skyhawk: &


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I watched Tomcat Tales and enjoyed it. It is certainly interview heavy; be prepared to watch retired aviators talking quite a bit. The first hour had a lot of stories about air to ground combat missions. The second hour had a lot about dangerous landings and mechanical failures. Anyway, most people on this forum would like the documentary.


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I'm really excited to watch it, thanks for posting.

Incredible to see how versatile it is/was. Much like the Eagle, what started as a purely air to air machine successfully morphed into an air to groud thoroughbred. Ironic how it became the Navy's only long range "strike fighter" - no escort required. The F/A-18 not having the legs, and the A-6 being long retired.

It's a capability that frankly, needs to be brought back. The F-35C will help, but I'm really hoping the Navy's F/A-XX will fit the bill. Will be good to see a dedicated air to air machine flying from Navy decks once again...

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