F-4 vs Su-15

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Unread post08 May 2019, 14:28

I always thought that if the Vietnam War escalated in the Early 70s then American F-4s would face Russian Mig-21s and 23s. but doing a little digging, I found that the Flogger was not fielded in mass numbers in the 70s.

correct me if I'm wrong but the mainstay of Soviet air defense was made up of Su-15s. So how would the Flaggon deal with the highly trained Phantom air crews coming from the Vietnam theater?

Here was an interesting take from a Su-15 pilot
https://hushkit.net/2019/04/26/intervie ... -the-ussr/

In wartime the Su-15 would have intercepted B-52s, which raises the question of whether the B-52s would be accompanied by a number of escort fighters, which would drawn us into a missile air battle. While F-4s and Su-15s had the same manoeuvring characteristics and armament the F-15 would have proved a far more challenging battle opponent. The F-15 was more manoeuvrable than our aircraft, and its electronic equipment was much more modern....

He was implying that F-4 was closely matched with the Su-15
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Unread post08 May 2019, 14:58

That's a good article, many thanks for posting it.

I believe it depends on which Phantoms the Su-15 pilots would theoretically meet. Su-15 guys were all PVO. If they met Navy TOPGUN trained F-4J Phantom crews (with their PD AWG-10 radar, which was generally considered the best until the Tomcat's AWG-9 came on the scene) they probably would lose big time. And even against the older F-4B. Navy trained TOPGUN pilots (F-4,F-8) were probably the best in the world (except for the IDF/AF). Against USAF pilots, don't know.

The Su-15 fire control radar was all vacuum tube. Similar to the early F-4B/C radar. Pulse only also. I don't know the size of its dish, but the Phantom's (except APQ-120 were all 32 inch). I am also willing to bet the AIM-7E/E2 and AIM-9G/H were still better than anything the Russians had at that time. The Flagon, like the earlier Phantoms, didn't have an internal gun.
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Unread post08 May 2019, 16:28

Good to read some thoughts on the Su-15 - interesting Jet.

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