TuAF & VKS COMAO's: Implications for NATO

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The Russian Chief of the General Staff and its Turkish counterpart recently announced that they were conducting Combined Air Operations (COMAO) in Syria.

We subsequently were then informed that Four Su-24Ms, four Su-25s and one Su-34 bomber of the Russian Air Force along with four F-16 Block 50's and four F-4 2020 Terminator jets belonging to the Turkish Air Force carried out joint strikes in Aleppo, Syria on Jan. 18. See https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/2017 ... aleppo-op/ and http://mobile.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idUSKBN15220Q

AFAIK this was the first time a NATO airforce took part in a COMAO with Russia and with advanced Western aerial platforms capable of performing CAS, BAI, S/DEAD and Strike as well as Air Superiority and Aerial Escort roles. Turkish sources have also confirmed that at least 2 Boeing E-737's also supported the TuAF jets.

(1) Considering that the Turkish Air Force is a NATO member trained in Western aerial warfare procedures and standards completely different from those employed by the Russian Aerospace Forces, what went into the preparation, coordination and execution of this COMAO.
(2) Could Russia obtain insight into NATO aerial warfare practices and procedures through COMAO's.
(3) What implications if any would TuAF-VKS COMAO's have on NATO generally?


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Certainly beats Turk F-16's blasting Fencers out of the sky...

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