Scary PAC-3 Missile

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As usual, Axe has sketchily researched a complicated military matter (positive ID of targets is a challenge at all levels) and drawn his own conclusion based on his vast experience as a hipster. ... 89d7d03b7d

Holy hell... if Patriot (along with other modern SAM systems) is that vicious against friendly aircraft when miscommunications occur, imagine what it would do to an actual enemy air force. Methinks some re-training was in the works afterwords, but I've never known Axe or his journalista phuckbuddies to be very interested in how engineering/operational problems got solved.

Allow me to draw my own conclusion... the fact that modern air-defenses were so dangerous against ANY aircraft they fired upon in 2003 should explode any delusions that non-VLO platforms will stand a snowball's chance in hell against near-peer SAM networks in the future.
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Really good case for Situational Awareness and fully networked forces.
You want your fighters to be able to use your Patriot batteries to shoot down enemy aircraft, not worrying about getting shot down by one of them.
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