Singapore fighter jet selection

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Unread post17 Jul 2004, 05:09

Hi all its been a long time since I posted a message... Anyway, just want to know if there is anyone who has an inside as to which jet would be selected?

Is it Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon or F-15?
Anyone got a clue?




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Unread post28 Sep 2004, 15:33

Nobody has a clue... no confirmed information, but they're technology hungry and wants to modify their own jets without having their abilities/weapons being listed on FMS charts.

DSO (Defense Science Organisation) and DSTA (Defense Science Technology Agency) are closely examining the planes like there's no tomorrow. They're requesting for all kinds of strange info and every detailed specifications from the manufacturers. This is all to ensure that the plane selected will have room for additional avionics and modifications by Singapore.

It is already a well-known fact that Singapore relies heavily on its own defense industries to conduct modifications and introduce new capabilities, such as modifying its F-5E to accept the AMRAAM and Pythons, GBU, RWR and other capability for its old A4-SU.... etc.

Even when its selecting its most advanced jet ever, it will still want to introduce the latest technologies themselves without listing their actual weapon systems/capabilities on foreign sales charts.

Two EF-2000s were flown from the UK in June 2004 to be flown by some F-16 pilots and a squadron commander.

Other factors will include technology transfers, whether the source codes of the radars will be made available for Singapore's own tweaking... and availability of "unconfirmed" supplies of cruise missiles, BVRAAMs, HARMs etc. without being listed on FMS charts.

Either Rafale and Eurofighter are likely to be chosen as the F-15 is very limited for modification, and US's strict weapon sales it will mean it's hard to get their weapons without having its purchases listed on FMS charts. The UK and France are willing to keep their mouths shut if the deal gets through.




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Unread post01 Oct 2004, 22:19

A recent article in AFM made it sound like the Typhoon left the biggest impression.




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Unread post22 Oct 2004, 08:06

most likely it'll be the Eurotyphoon.
Reason 1: Both the F-15E and Rafale have been around for a longer period of time than the Eurotyphoon. So perhaps the Typhoon has moe advanced and better avionics than it's other 2 competitor.
Reason 2: Simply because I prefer the Typhoon. Period.




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Unread post22 Oct 2004, 10:44

Considering the background of AFM's publishers its quite logical that the editors sweetened the article.

I think its a toss up between the Rafale and the Typhoon
(I am leaning towards the rafale because I cant seem to put the teething problems the typhoon had and has...)




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Unread post05 Apr 2005, 11:53

It had been indeed a VERY LONG time ever since i heard about the deal.

I believe the Eurofighter will be selected. Eurofighter has a better reputation than Rafale. Eurofighter has already clinched a few international contracts while Rafale has none currently. Moreover, the French Gov also seem reluctant to enhance Rafale's performance like researching a new engine by splashing more $$$ into the project.

It is known that Rafale's is more stealthy than Eurofighter. However i believe that the first RSAF
low observability fighter can only be JSF.


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It is almost certain that the Eurofighter will supply the 20 aircraft..Dassault knows already that the chances of Rafale is almost zero as the French defence minister were acting as a saleswomen for Dassault during her last visit to Singapur..




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Sorry but Eurofighter is, sadly, out. Only Rafale and F-15T left.

From Straits Time (april 22) :

Singapore has narrowed its search for a new fighter plane to two contenders after the ministry of defence dropped Europe's Typhoon from the shortlist.

On its decision, Mindef would only say:
"The Typhoon is a very capable aircraft. However, the committed schedule for the delivery of the Typhoon and its systems did not meet the requirements of the RSAF."

This could be because, although more than 600 of the Typhoons have been ordered, none are in front-line service, as opposed to Rafale and battle-tested F-15 Eagle.

The Defence Minister also said: " We are under no time pressure and we'll make sure that we get the best aircraft possible."

Mindef's long-running search for a new generation combat aircraft is closely watched by the international community because Mindef has a reputation as a demanding buyer whose choice could influence other customers.

Also visit : ... _1_n.shtml

Now which of the two will be the winner? Any opinons?


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Unread post22 Apr 2005, 14:52

battle-tested F-15 Eagle.

That would be my guess :wink: .

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