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C-130 moved on highway 247 near Warner Robbins AFB, Georgia

July 10, 2014 (by Jon) - A C-130 fuselage made it's way down public roads and highways around Warner Robins AFB on a mid Thursday morning.

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C-130H ground trainer being moved on Highway 247

A highway is shut down and an aircraft is moved is just part of the eye catching story. Much larger is the story of a C-130H being prepared for delivery to the Afghan Air Force. In order to get the C-130 ready for delivery, the nose section needed to be replaced. A donor aircraft, C-130H #74-2072 had it's nose removed and added to the future Afghani aircraft #74-1665 giving the aircraft the best of both aircraft. This was thought to the first nose change of a C-130 at Robbin's AFB. Larger remaining aircraft parts, comprising now of the donor aircraft #74-2072 and nose from aircraft #74-1665 were combined for the intention of making a ground training aircraft. Usable spare parts were stripped from the aircraft. A large project that saved the U. S. Air Force money.

Date of the big move was on Thursday July 10, 2014 and all lanes in one direction of Highway 247 were closed for better . Destination was Warrior Air Base, where it will be used for training. The move required help from the local County Sheriffs office.

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