SU-34 Fullback video

Military aircraft - Post cold war aircraft, including for example B-2, Gripen, F-18E/F Super Hornet, Rafale, and Typhoon.
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Unread post14 Jan 2022, 04:09

Vietnam veteran (70th Combat Engineer Battalion)(AnKhe & Pleiku) 1967
Retired from Chrysler Engineering


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Nice video, thank you! I like the looks of Su-34 a lot and it's definitely quite impressive 4th gen fighter-bomber. It would need updated avionics and new weapons as those are all pretty much 1980s and 1990s technology.


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Personally, I cringe every time I see an SU-34 carrying those Russian "dumb" bombs. But once again, the Russians did some interesting and innovative stuff with the airframe etc..

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