Indian Mirage 2000 hits targets in Pakistan

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Unread post09 May 2019, 17:29

vm wrote:This whole narrative is getting wacky. As an observer in all this, it’s unclear who “won” in the military action of this debacle, but I can say for sure that India is losing the credibility fight in the post analysis. That pains me to say.

Sorry for the pain, though the reasons might be different from what you stated.
No comments or views on giving open access to the Balakot madrassa ? Doesn't suit your narrative?[/quote]

Ask your military to release before and after strike satellite images.

We totally understand Indian frustration, after all they have to put alot of effort to maintain super power image by begging rest of the world to be on their side but so far no one believes in pathological lying Indian media and GOI.




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Unread post10 May 2019, 07:46

Sadly Pakistan did not achieve as much as India did with Balakot strike. It is true that Indian Army didn't need a balakotesque strike to find the Yeti, Indian Navy didn't need a strike like Balakot to drown a 2.9 billion dollar submarine for someone forgot to close the hatch (i was shocked and thought it was click bait at first). Last but not the least, Pakistan did not play a direct role as IAF shot down its own Mi17 killing 7 poor souls. I genuinely feel they were innocent in all this and their families deserve justice. You repeatedly base you argument on the fact that IAF did not change stance. Yes they did not change their stance but it is only about the F16, and no it absolutely doesn't lend 1% of proof to their claim. Proof of F16 downing is irrefutable proof of a F16 wreckage.
You know what is strange in all this, IAF in 2.5 months has not been able to conclude cause of Mi17 downing on its own soil. Coming to change of stance, it was originally claimed as a technical fault ... 179821.cms

Then again, very conveniently everything was leaked 'through credible sources' out stating Mi17 went down due to an Israeli SAM launched by Indian Air Defense. Considering they couldn't possibly claim plausible deniability as truth would come out eventually, they did change stance in a subtle way. However, with F16, they can hide behind the fact that F16 claim was always behind enemy lines so they did not need to provide the truth. Also, they claimed they downed a F16 before they even acknowledged officially their own pilot was shot down. They knew they had to have a claim to match their own loss otherwise it wouldn't bode well for them as they were well warned to be ready for an attack, and yet they lost 2 birds. Not a good showing.
In funny weekend news, this keyboard warrior just came up with a new theory, he has now found halo of F16 in the smoke. ... 2680899584

Sad to see an experienced IAF veteran is endorsing the claim. Its such preposterous claims that make it easy for Pakistan to not offer anything and the world to know, well who is feeling a bit salty and trying to hide the shame.




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Unread post11 May 2019, 10:03

The world have moved on and you guys haven't,to be honest it was a one off engagement and you can't deduce much from it.
Time to move on.

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