How many nukes to defeat an Air Force?

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This goes with the INF Treaty and tactical nuclear warfare. Lets say two states like Russia (and)or China and US fought a limited nuclear war were they were targeting military assets with nukes. What would it take to render the USAF ineffective?

With ICBM and SLBMs it will take a while to reach airbases, fighters and bombers can scramble in time, however their fuel storage and weapons will be gone. Does USAF has contingencies for that? Yes we can strike their forces with Minuteman III to equal out the effects, but I am not sure how well USAF can operate effectively after that. Since SAMs can dispurse better, they may not be killed by nukes and OPFOR can still deny our remaining fighters and bombers. We could relocate our fighters and bombers on civilain airfields and highway airstrips however it might take a while to remanufacturer weapons.

IRBMs come to target even quicker, so scramble times would need to be super fast to react to that. Of course AEGIS and THAAD can mitigate that.

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