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In memory of the C-130 crash in Senja, Norway (1966)

Unread postPosted: 21 Mar 2022, 00:44
by c130kcf
It was 56 years ago yesterday when a C-130 creashed into a mountain in Senja, Norway, and 7 crew died. One was a fellow student and graduate from my tech school class in 1965 in Amarillo, Tx. His name was Jerry Myers and there was not a nicer "kid" (we were around 19) than he was. He was tall and had an accent that went with his nature. I often look back at the graduation photo and there he stands in the back row and wish we could sit at the table and shoot the bull with Jim Mathwig and Ed DiNicola. Ken Felty 3343rd Sch Sq. Amarillo, Texas 1965