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RAF C-130J list

Unread postPosted: 29 Dec 2021, 09:48
by howardjcurtis
Good day,

Could I ask someone to look at your RAF C-130J list, please, as it has some issues.

Firstly, ZH865 to ZH879 are referred to as the Hercules C4 but the equivalent (at least in terms of size) is the C-130J-30, not C-130J. ZH880 to ZH889 are Hercules C5s and are the shorter variant, equivalent to the C-130J.

Secondly, the Bangladeshi order is for Hercules C5s so your reference to 5461 as S3-AGJ is incorrect as this is a Hercules C4. ZH877 has returned to service at Brize Norton recently after maintenance at Marshalls.

S3-AGJ, which also wears 99-5485, is ex ZH887, which you incorrectly have as S3-AGH. You will find photos online of S3-AGJ and you can clearly see 99-5485, which ties it in to MSN 5485 (ex ZH887). One clear image can be found on this forum: ... 6&t=212262

As for S3-AGH, well that has not appeared yet, but may be allocated in due course to ZH883 (MSN 5481), which is due to become 99-5481. This has been stored at Cambridge for some time.

The Bangladeshi aircraft are reasonably easy to identify as they wear '99-' (assumed to refer to the year the aircraft were built), followed by their MSN so in that case MSN 5480 needs slight adjustment as it is more correctly 99-5480/S3-AGG (ex ZH882).

Finally, if you want a snapshot of the RAF Hercules C4 and C5 histories, try this page:

Kind regards,

Howard J Curtis
(author, 'Military Aircraft Markings')

Re: RAF C-130J list

Unread postPosted: 06 Jan 2022, 14:38
by Asif
I am working through the changes and they should all be done shortly.