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C-130 PDM TO

Unread postPosted: 18 Nov 2021, 11:18
by costy21
Hello guys!

Please, could you tell me what's the TO/manual that describes the work/inspections for a C-130 PDM ? And if you know the estimate cost and duration for a C-130 PDM?

Thank you!

Re: C-130 PDM TO

Unread postPosted: 19 Nov 2021, 12:46
by mekong68
At least for the USAF, PDM (D-Check for J models) is completed via the PDM work specification. A living document updated annually that directs what will be done during PDM based on engineering requirements review board. As for cost and time, that is all dependent on location and who is doing the work, it varies greatly depending on labor rates etc. For example, OO- ALC and WR-ALC performing the same work but because of location, the labor rates are different. Additionally, the spec doesn't tell how to perform the work, just what needs to be done, so materials and processes may vary which directly influence time requirements.

Re: C-130 PDM TO

Unread postPosted: 23 Nov 2021, 14:19
by costy21
Thank you for your reply!