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Flight Director (FD) Flag on Co-Pilot PFD

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by munirabbasi » 13 Dec 2020, 03:05

Hello C130 Avionic

In an IAUP Hercules, Flight Director Flag (FD flag) came in view on Co Pilot side PFD on ground during normal checks. Against the defect, all associated LRUs were replaced/swapped with serviceable ones. Even the PFD was swapped with pilot side, yet the flag did not disappear. Continuity of wiring was also double checked and was found SAT. No visible issue was observed yet the flag did not disappear. Autopilot engages without any defect and is working fine. Any ideas as to what might cause this or any previous experience, please do share.

Best Regards
Munir Abbasi
Home Hercules Pakistan

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by taimoor » 05 Jul 2021, 22:50

This issue is constantly being repeated in recent days as well. However, the flag goes away after power reset at times and at times, it goes away on its own.

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