Gray Eagle survivability?

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How can the US Army’s Gray Eagle drone survive against integrated air defences if it expected to fly “racetrack patterns tangential to the IADS threat at 80 km distance”

According to Defense News
The Army wants its Joint All Domain Operations (JADO) Gray Eagles to have synthetic aperture radars, moving target indicators, electronic intelligence and communications intelligence capability as well as air-launched effects and radar warning receivers, according to a new market survey.

Now, the Army wants help from industry with those payloads for its Gray Eagle unmanned aircraft systems. Specifically, the service is looking for systems that are capable of helping with joint operations across all warfighting domains against high-end threats from adversaries such as China and Russia, according to a solicitation published Dec. 2 to a government contracting website.......... Gray Eagles must survive against an “Integrated Air Defense System (IADS)-rich environment,” the request notes. This means the Gray Eagle would fly “racetrack patterns tangential to the IADS threat at 80 km distance” ... d-threats/

The Gray Eagle is relatively slow and I presume not highly manoeuvrable compared to fighter aircraft. In the event of the RWR indicating a hostile SAM launch could the Gray Eagle dive below the radar horizon in the brief time before potential impact? Or would it have to rely on jamming? How can it survive at this seemingly short distance from IADS?


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1) Stop thinking in terms of platforms (vs platforms). Army drones aren't going to be the only ones in the air dealing with IADS.
2) 80 km is well outside all AAA, IRSAM, Tunguska, Tor, Pantsir and Buk range, even with latest missiles. If the enemy S-400 is going after MQ-1s out of all the possible targets then I say it's a win
3) Israel and Turkey demolished the reputation of Russian ADS. With Israel, one could still get some leeway saying it was super advanced EW and jewish physics, but when Turkish-made drones obliterate latest Pantsirs available for export (in a country with known Russian PMC presence, but let's assume "uneducated arabs" as oprators) and a "third grade" military like Azerbaijan successfully conducted a punishing drone air campaign in the presence of upgraded Osas as well as one of the latest Tors operated by Russian trained close CSTO allies, then I am still yet to hear one piece of evidence in support of "muh impenetrablr SAM rings without fighter cover defeat air power" school of thought being remotely credible.

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