Boeing Unveils First Loyal Wingman Aircraft

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The Boeing Airpower Teaming System, also known as the Loyal Wingman project, is a stealthy unmanned aerial vehicle in development, whose role will be to support manned Royal Australian Air Force aircraft, such as the F-35, F-18E/F, and E-7A Wedgetail.

The UAV will be designed to act as a "loyal wingman" that is controlled by a parent aircraft to accomplish tasks such as scouting, or absorb enemy fire if attacked. The aircraft will be the first designed and developed in Australia in over half a century, (with the notable exception of the Nomad and GA8 Airvan) but Boeing has said that it will "depend on the market" whether the aircraft is manufactured in Queensland or the United States.

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Very interesting looking U.C.A.V.! Hopefully, the U.S.A.F. can jump on board with this and use it to supplement their aircraft squadrons.

I like the removable nose section, with different sensors that you can "snap-on/snap-off". Hopefully this design will stay on time and on budget. Boeing seems to have a lot on it's plate right now - with the Boeing/Saab T-7A Redhawk trainer aircraft, the U.S.A.F. KC-46 Pegasus aerial refueling aircraft, and the U.S. Navy Q-25A "Stingray" unmanned mid-air refueling tankers.
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