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Re: F-15QA at Mid-America

Unread postPosted: 24 May 2021, 02:57
by spazsinbad
Where was the handle? Who could rotate it in the air? I could look at F-4 NATOPS. TA4G IIRC was in rear front pit however I don't think it could be rotated whilst flying - too long ago - I would have to look at NATOPS [could not be reached]. For sure IIRC I think this info is on the forum elsewhere for a similar discussion. Graphic from TA4G NATOX page.

Re: F-15QA at Mid-America

Unread postPosted: 24 May 2021, 04:31
by spazsinbad
F-4E USAF Flight Manual PDF 18 Jul 1995: ... ned%29.pdf (380 Mb)
An EJECT light provides a positive visual command from the pilot to the WSO to prepare for ejection. The light is controlled only from the front cockpit. The pilot's switch and monitor light are incorporated into a single unit under the left canopy sill just forward of the flap switch. The switch is a push ON, push OFF type, with the push button being the lens of the light. The lens is recessed sufficiently to preclude an accidental actuation. The light in the rear cockpit is a rectangular press to test unit monitored at the bottom right of the instrument panel. Pressing the lens of the rear light will test the rear light bulb and circuitry only. When the switch in the front cockpit is depressed, both EJECT lights illuminate. Depressing the switch again will extinguish both lights. The EJECT lights are powered by the battery bus and are operational at any time."

"EJECTION SEAT COMPONENTS Command Selector Valve Handle
The command selector valve handle is above and left of the rear cockpit instrument panel (see Rear Cockpit Foldout Illustration). See figure 1- 28. It selects single or dual ejection initiated by the rear crewmember. With the handle vertical (closed), single ejection is selected and the rear crewmember ejects himself. With the handle horizontal (open), both the pilot and rear crewmember will be ejected when either initiates ejection. Two types of valves are installed. For the valve labeled PLT EJECT PULL TURN, to select dual ejection, pull the handle out without applying torque. The handle will rotate clockwise to horizontal. If released at an intermediate position, this handle will return to the vertical (single ejection) position. For the valve labeled PLT EJECT TURN, to select dual ejection, rotate the handle clockwise to horizontal. If released at an intermediate position, this handle may go to either the vertical or horizontal position.

Re: F-15QA at Mid-America

Unread postPosted: 24 May 2021, 10:25
by spazsinbad
Low Quality SADLY 57 page PDF of Brownshoes IN Action by Ward Carroll in APPROACH archive long dead URL: ... efault.htm 28-Nov-04

Re: F-15QA at Mid-America

Unread postPosted: 24 May 2021, 15:35
by outlaw162
A bit different command ejection philosophy between the TA-4 and the F-4. TA-4 controlled from the front, F-4 controlled from the back. Actually the TA-4 setup makes more sense to me.

F-16B had a 3 position selection switch also in back seat. F-100F and F-105F didn't have the capability, don't know about the two seat TA-7, never flew the two seater, although I would guess it probably had a command ejection option. And I would guess the two seat F-15s also have a command ejection option. Rode in the back of an F-15B once, but don't remember the layout.

And yes, the F-4 handle could be rotated either way at any time by the back seater, on ground or in flight. So one could operate normally without the command ejection option selected if that was the front seater's wish, and then rotate the handle in case of front seat incapacitation and save his a$$.

The significant difference between the Navy and Air Force F-4 was no stick in the backseat of the USN versions. So front seat incapacitation really left the Navy RIO with no humane option other than to take the front seater out with him.

With the stick in back, the WSO could actually land the aircraft if necessary with an incapacitated pilot, and we had a number of WSOs who very good at this. Some however were not.

Re: F-15QA at Mid-America

Unread postPosted: 25 May 2021, 13:21
by spazsinbad
'Of all the gin joints...' Ward Carroll talks about 'BROWNSHOES - INaction' (geddit?) & his time being editor of APPROACH.

A TA-4 canopy is lost just after take off (maintenance error) Ward is an excellent story teller; lots of other videos to see.

"There Goes the Canopy" - That Time My Jet Went Convertible in Flight