Dragons over the Caribbean [A-37 Dragonfly]

Cold war, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm - up to and including for example the A-10, F-15, Mirage 200, MiG-29, and F-18.
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Awesome stories, Gums! I just love it! I grew up by Ellington Field, and they were the last US unit to fly the Voodoo. I think the last ones there retired in '82, and then they transitioned to Phantoms.

Spazsinbad: I went back and looked at the video, and he does raise the canopy earlier than I have seen previously. But my guess is that he was just wanting cool air.

Unlike the T-33, we do not use the canopy for drag to slow down. That said, the brakes are somewhat of a limiting factor on the A-37 in that they don't last that long... and are a bit pricey.

When we find some shows for 2023, I'll post them on here in case anyone wants to come see the jet.
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Only time I ever opened the canopy on the runway was for a Army troop in right seat that had to barf! We didn't bring a barf bag, but I learned a lesson that day and always carried a few after that and I could use them to pee!

Our brakes worked well, and most runways we used were very long and shutting down a motor early on the roll out was a common habit.

Gums sends...
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Again thanks for the info. What is more pricey: a new canopy whilst repairing damage to airframe when it departs on the runway OR new brakes. Sure it gets hot under glass but SUCK IT UP! :mrgreen: The Macchi MB326H was notorious for being a hot box in summer (built for milder European conditions). Once airborne the aircon was able to cope mostly but not on the ground. A student under the instrument canvas cover in rear seat opened the canopy inflight (one can only speculate why) killing both himself and the instructor safety pilot in front seat. YIKES!
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One of the rules in T-37 training was that students were allowed two salt stain rings on the cotton flight suits before changing to clean flight suits (I think they issued 4). This was briefed at the beginning of the phase, along with be 'careful' in Villa Acuna, join USAA and bank at Fort Sam. I didn't completely appreciate the salt ring thing until TR-1, sitting number nine or ten for takeoff in the Del Rio sun with the canopy up. With no A/C and the canopy down, you got no real relief until somewhere above 10,000' or so, maybe 5000' in the winter....miserable experience in the traffic pattern for multiple T&Gs. Instructors suffered thru this 2 flights a day, sometimes 3.

(Trainer was also a 'beast' of sorts, we often got 30-40 degrees nose up on our powerful little Continentals....for stalls, spin entry, unusual attitudes. :mrgreen: )

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