Japan to develop F-X with eye on Export Market.

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Liberal Democratic Party recommends advance deployment of next fighter "FX" + overseas export to the Ministry of Defense

Volunteers of the Liberal Democratic Party's defense tribe, including former Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada, handed a proposal to Defense Minister Kishi on the 27th requesting that the successor to the fighter F-2 be developed with future overseas exports in mind. ..

Volunteer study sessions led by Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers emphasized that it would be disadvantageous in terms of cost if the successor to the F-2 fighter "FX" stayed at the same scale as the F-2, with overseas exports in mind. It seems that he handed over to Defense Minister Kishi a proposal requesting the development of the next fighter and the advancement of the deployment of the next fighter scheduled for 2035.

So far, neither the Liberal Democratic Party nor the Ministry of Defense has disclosed the details of the proposals, and neither the Japanese media has reported the details in detail, but overseas media have handed out the proposals handed by some LDP volunteers in the early stages of research and development. Demands that joint research and development and joint use with other countries be considered, and emphasizes that sharing defense equipment with allies and friendly countries through joint development and export will "lead to strengthening security relations." It is reported that there is.

However, the country of joint development and the specific export destination are unknown (it may be stated in the proposal), so it may have simply claimed that it sounds good.

In the previous article, " LDP proposes to the Japanese government to develop the next fighter" FX "with an eye on overseas exports", the development of the next fighter with an eye on overseas exports without preparedness and concrete plans is only the development cost. I wouldn't point out the same problem again, as I pointed out that the price could end up soaring, but the "advanced deployment of the next fighter scheduled for 2035" was about to blow tea.

In order to develop or jointly develop the next fighter with an eye on overseas export, it is necessary to change the next fighter "FX", which has a strong element of air superiority fighter, to development with a strong awareness of multirole aircraft, and allow overseas export. There is no choice but to secure permission to integrate precision guided weapons such as air-to-ground missiles and cruise missiles from the countries and companies that do so, or to develop ground weapons domestically in parallel with the development of the next fighter "FX".

In that case, of course, the development period of the next fighter is likely to not fit in the initial plan, but it is surprising because it says "advance the deployment in 2035".

To simply advance the deployment in 2035, we first developed the next fighter "FX", which has a strong element of simple air superiority fighter, and developed a derivative type that enhanced the air-to-ground combat capability that countries other than Japan emphasize. I can only think of developing it, but the longer the development period, the higher the development cost, and if the completed derivative model cannot be sold, all the development cost will be borne by Japan.

In short, it does not show how to politically clear the "Three Principles of Transfer of Defense Equipment" that regulates arms exports, and demands shortening of the development period of the next fighter "FX" while developing with overseas exports in mind. The Liberal Democratic Party's defense lawmakers may have no understanding of the development and export of defense equipment.

If this is unreasonable, it may be better to join the British Tempest program and import Tempest as it is or develop the next Tempest-based fighter "FX".

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