Disassembled F/A-18A Hornets en route to War Memorial

Military aircraft - Post cold war aircraft, including for example B-2, Gripen, F-18E/F Super Hornet, Rafale, and Typhoon.
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Disassembled F/A-18A Hornets en route to War Memorial
27 Oct 2020 Adam Thorn

"...Earlier this year, workers at RAAF Base Williamtown serviced 46 retired F/A-18 Classic Hornet aircraft to be sold to air combat training company Air USA. The Classic Hornet aircraft will be used to provide training services to the US Air Force and will be prepared over the next three to four years...."

Source: https://australianaviation.com.au/2020/ ... -memorial/
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And in 10 years when Air USA is done with them, they can sell those ultra-high G aircraft to Canada. You know, to replace their current Hornets. Perhaps after 3 rounds of legacy F-18's, they'll upgrade to the Super Hornet.

Probably around 2060.

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