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5 May 2006 C-130H #CH-02 of the Belgian Air Component was destroyed in hangar fire at Brussels Airport, Belgium, along with three civilian Airbus A320s.
24 May 2006 Hercules C.1 #XV206 of the RAF (47 Squadron Special Forces Flight) was carrying the new British ambassador in Afghanistan, Stephen Evans when it crash landed at a dirt landing strip outside the town of Lashkar Gar in the in Helmand Province, Afghanistan after hitting a landmine on roll-out which holed the port external fuel tank and set the number two (port inner) engine on fire. All nine crew and 26 passengers aboard safely evacuated, but the airframe burned out. It was later revealed that the Hercules was carrying a large number of SAS troops as well as a large amount of cash described as being one million dollars in some sources, and as 'more than one million pounds' by others, while the MoD only admitted to a 'sizeable amount of cash'. The money was apparently destined for local warlords in exchange for their influence and intelligence.


11 Jun 2006 C-130H, #TT-PAF of the Chadian Air Force crashed at Ab
28 Jun 2006 HC-130G #1710 of the United States Coast Guard crashed at Saint Paul Island, Alaska. There were no reported injuries among the nine crewmen on board.


13 Aug 2006 L-100-30 7T-BHG of Air Algérie was destroyed when it collided with terrain following a high-rate descent from 24,000 feet in Piacenza, Italy. The pilot, co-pilot, and flight engineer were killed.