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30 Jan 2005 Hercules C.1 #XV179 of the RAF crashed with 10 crew on board when it was hit by an insurgent ZU-23 anti-aircraft artillery gun while en route from Baghdad airport to Balad. A fire triggered by the hit may have induced an explosion in the right hand wing fuel tank. The plane was flying at 50 meters after it had dropped SAS special forces paratroopers.


31 Mar 2005 MC-130H Combat Talon II #87-0127 of the USAF (7th Special Operations Squadron, 352d Special Operations Group, RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom), departed Tirana-Rinas Airport, Albania, for a night training mission to work on terrain-following and avoidance skills, airdrops and landing using night-vision goggles. The aircraft was flying 300 feet above the mountainous terrain when it was approaching a ridge. The airplane was not able to clear the ridge and stalled as the crew attempted to climb away. The aircraft struck the ridge, destroying the aircraft and killing all nine crew members on board.


27 May 2005 First known C-130 to reach 45,000 flight hours is Canadian CC-130E #130315.


6 Dec 2005 C-130E #5-8319 of the IRIAF crashed into a ten-floor apartment building, home to a number of air force personnel, in a residential area of Tehran, Iran. The aircraft was carrying 84 passengers (68 of whom were journalists due to watch military exercises off the country's south coast) and 10 crew members. In all, 116 people died.