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22 Jan 1985 A USAF C-130A #56-0501, c/n 3109, of the 95th Tactical Airlift Squadron, crashed in the sea during visual approach to Trujillo airport, Honduras.


24 Feb 1985 KC-130H #1620 of the RSAF (16 Squadron), crashed at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, stalled in overshoot turn.


12 Mar 1985 C-130E #64-0549, c/n 4044, of the 314th Tactical Airlift Wing, crashed when it stalled during supply drop training mission at Fort Hood, Texas.
29 Mar 1985 Two Canadian Forces CC-130H, #130330 and #130331 both of 435 Squadron, crashed after having a mid-air collision over CFB Namao, near Edmonton, Alberta. This remains the only dual Hercules mid-air collision.


24 Jun 1985 C-130E #2457 of the Brazilian Air Force (1 Esquadrão, 1 Grupo, Galeão, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), crashed in fog on landing approach to Santa Maria Air Force Base, Brazil.
27 Jun 1985 Hercules C.1P #XV206 of the RAF (1312 Flight), collided at about 200


21 Nov 1985 C-130MP #A-1322 of the Indonesian Air Force crashed into volcano Sibyak.