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15 Feb 1971 USN LC-130F BuNo #148318, c/n 3562, of VXE-6, named 'City of Christchurch', hit snow wall while taxiing at McMurdo, Antarctica, when wing hit ground, broke, burned. This was the first USN Hercules written off.
21 Feb 1971 C-130B #61-2642, c/n 3678, of the 463d Tactical Airlift Wing, damaged in rocket attack at Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam. Written off and tail used to repair AC-130A.


9 Nov 1971 C-130K CMk1 #XV216 of the Royal Air Force, crashed into the sea by night near the Meloria shoal off Livorno. Six British crew members and 46 Italian paratroopers died.
9 Nov 1971 Hercules C.1 #XV216 of the RAF (24 Squadron crashed into the sea off Pisa with 46 Italian paratroopers on board. There were no survivors.
12 Nov 1971 C-130E #69-6578, c/n 4353, of the 61st Tactical Airlift Squadron, crashed due to fin stall on take-off from Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas.